Aprox. se muere is a great novel simply by Lisa Ray Turner and Blaine Ray, written in Spanish. It's the sequel to Blaine Ray's novel " Poor Ana". The story depicts Ana's homestay in Republic of chile and her experiences in her Chilean school. This guide was crafted for beginning language learners, and has a small vocabulary. It absolutely was intended to be combined with the TPR Storytelling way of language instructing. It has been translated into People from france and many other different languages. Characters

Betisier Silva: The lady attends Western world Torrance High school graduation in Hermosa Beach, Cal, but then she sends a petition to New York looking to get the opportunity to go to Chile. The girl with accepted then goes. Ana's favorite category is The spanish language because the girl likes to master new words and phrases and the lady likes her teacher. Pepe Ayala: Youngster from Republic of chile that speaks some English language. Friends with Ana. Teresa: Her good friend in Chile. Also is her host sis.

Alice (Alicia): Her real name is Alice but every person calls her Alicia mainly because that is her name in Spanish course. Ana creates her characters about her every day encounters. Jaime Sector: He is the bully that hails from Chile.

Senora Hawkins: Ana's The spanish language teacher in California. She is Ana's preferred teacher. The girl with the one who have tells Choix about this option. Ana's father and mother: They are both nice and they both equally work at Whim Hospital. Plot

Chapter you: Ana is usually 16 years old, she has blue eyes and brown curly hair. She visits West Torrance High school. Betisier lives in Hermosa Beach, Washington dc with her younger close friend Don, younger sister Patty, mom that is a secretary at Whim Hospital and dad, who may be a doctor on the hospital. Ana's Spanish educator tells her about a way to travel to Chile. She will travel around for three a few months. Chapter two: Chapter two describes Republic of chile. The countrywide dance is a Cueca. Freedom day is definitely September 18, where Chile won it is independence coming from Spain. The national food is the embrollo. The capital of Chile is usually Santiago. The climate of Chile is just like that of A bunch of states, but it can be...