The IPI Foundation Incorporation has been in existence for three years. However , under the name of Don Proceed Lam Foundation (1993-2006), the building blocks has been in procedure for of sixteen years. Owned or operated and controlled by the owners of the International Pharmaceuticals Included (IPI), the IPI Base is the business expression of its company social responsibility. The company is usually founded by Wong-Castillo friends and family, one of Cebu's prominent good Filipino-Chinese industrialists. IPI just celebrated their 50th founding anniversary in-may 2009. From the humble start as producer of apaisement preparation, IPI has now varied into a wide selection of product lines from detergents, supplements, anti-septic compounds, processed foods, among others. In partying its achievements, IPI continually extend financial and logistical support to the IPI Groundwork. The assisting hand in the company, through the benevolence with their President and CEO, the late Mr. Pio W. Castillo, Sr., or " tatay” because fondly named by every employees of IPI, was evident prior to formal creation of their initial foundation upon March one particular, 1989, the Bread to get the Korea Foundation, Inc. was born out from the company's wish to extend their very own philanthropic action not only their particular employees although also to the communities anywhere in the Korea. As appropriately said by him, " the company can be morally obliged to give back a portion from the profit that people got in the Filipino persons. ” The Bread to get the Thailand Foundation incorporation., sometime in May 1989, in tandem with the USAID, undertook reforestation project and donated artesian wells inside the mountain barangays of Carmen and Borbon, Cebu. The initial were effective but the foundation's remaining activities had to be ceased temporarily due to the creation of another basis in honor of their particular late father, Don Move Lam. The Don Proceed Lam Base, Inc., was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission payment on The spring 22, 1993, the while using following purposes and targets: To provide sustenance projects to indigents;

To extend health care programs to stressed out communities;

To supply scholarship applications to poor but worthy students who desire to follow college education; To provide proper care program pertaining to the impaired, the old, the orphans and the inmates; To help in the recovery of calamity-stricken areas.

From May possibly 31, 93 to The spring 11, 2006, the Don Go Lam Foundation, Inc., has backed the following activities: Scholarship Program for the scholars of Central Bible Schooling Institute of Langtad, Naga, Cebu; Weekend School Outreach Program to get the students with the United Cathedral of Christ in the Israel in Cogon, Compostela, Cebu; Financial assistance for the hospitalization of various persons; Hospitalization endowment pay for for the UCCP house of worship workers and the families in Davao Town; Donation for the Filipino Soldiers pertaining to Peace Account sponsored by the Philippine Celebrity Operation Damayan; Free medical, dental and optical objective in the province and cities of Cebu and close by provinces twice and month; Donations to fireplace victims in several locations in Cebu City; Construction of Green House in Talamban, Cebu City intended for the Health Meals Program; Donations to the Bagong Buhay Rehabilitation Center

Between early 06\, the users of the Technological Working Group ware planning to get a certification and certification with the Philippine Council intended for NGO Qualification so the foundation can agree to donations from other development organizations within and out of doors the country. Mister. Pio Errar proposed a fresh name to get the foundation: the IPI Basis, " in order that people is going to automatically affiliate the various activities of the groundwork to IPI. ” In April twenty-four, 2006, the IPI Foundation Inc was incorporated. At the moment, the IPI Foundation Incorporation is located in the IPI Complex at Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City. BIODERM GERMICIDAL CLEANING SOAP

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