Thesis: " Area Purple” is somewhat more than just entertainment because the account shows what poverty back many years ago was like, especially among the colored people plus the hardship way of life created from the White person. This new is dealing with real life conditions that no-one would speak about. Alice Walker's prize winning story " The colour Purple, ” turned into motion picture in 85. In the beginning, the film caused a wide range of controversy. People who had written hate characters and organization's who threatened to exclusion the whole development. The Dark-colored women's tale was advised to lots of people by The show biz industry. Another explanation for film production company was just how many black people were illiterate, and some did not go to college. The movie affects the audience by showing how what could happen behind closed doors and expresses just how that color is the same no matter what the color may be. The film as well shows how men over powered girls. In a movie-based novel often there is question to become a The show biz industry movie. Artist is notoriously insensitive for the concerns of women and people of color. Years after the relieve of the movie " Colour Purple, ” Alice Walker expressed her opinion for the movie available " Precisely the same river twice” published in 1996. The book incorporates a draft of Alice Walker's original screenplay, and some factors and ideas on the making and the reception of the film, which started to be the original history of " The Color Crimson. ”

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