Telemedicine is an umbrella term which involves all the medical activity having some distance. Even though, telemedicine has been practiced since hundreds of years by way of letters good results . advancement details and Conversation Technology, there is a manifold increase in using telemedicine like a tool for delivering medical therapy. Telemedicine not only includes the simultaneity consultation between patient and expert, just about all has the component of getting medical advises about prerecorded medical data such as in the case of ‘Tele-Radiology' or ‘Tele-Pathology' A more sophisticated model have been using it substantially for offering health care rewards to the unprivileged people. These interventions are typically taken in the shape of well being projects involving substantial purchase, coordination and planning. The us government of Maharashtra launched their pilot project on Telemedicine in the year 3 years ago, with one Specialist node at KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai and 5 bass speaker district hospitals. The prime target areas just for this intervention had been tribal areas such as those of Sindhudurg, Nandurbar, Beed and Satara. Subsequently of expansion involved contribution of your five specialist client, 23 section hospitals and 4 sub-district hospitals.


1 . Telemedicine.

2 . Technology.

3. Electric Communication Technology.

4. Real-time Consultation.

five. Tele-Radiology.

six. Tele-Pathology.

|Introduction | |It is important for doctors to keep track and organize their particular patients' medical records. Keeping this in- | |formation is not an easy task especially with a voluminous quantity of records and other documents that contain to be submitted, | |usually in lines of labeled folders in file cupboards. In the Korea, methods in record keeping systems of medical | |information haven’t been up-to-date despite the innovations in technology readily available in the market. The absence in | |automated digital medical record keeping can be apparent even more particularly in neuro-scientific pediatrics. | |1. you Aim | |Telemedicine consists of the Greek word П„ОµО»Оµ (tele) which means 'far' or perhaps 'at a distance' and the word 'medicine'. Generally, | |it is called the use of telecoms to provide medical information and efficiency in delivering well being | |services to distant patients. It may be as simple since two health professionals discussing a case over the phone, or because | |sophisticated as applying satellite technology to broadcast a consultation among providers at facilities in two countries, | |using videoconferencing equipment or automatic technology. | |The rise in the use of mobile phones coupled with the immense innovations in cellular technology is now an essential | |part of numerous domains especially in the field of drugs. Recent portable technologies like 3G data services can allow | |real-time words and online video conferencing which can provide a number of benefits in the medical field. This paved way to a fresh | |technology called Cellular Telemedicine. | |Developing a mobile telemedicine infrastructure may help improve the classic record keeping system of medical | |professionals. The system provides efficiency in recording medical data with the use of advanced cellular technologies and | |web services. Portable gadgets including PDAs, laptops and cellphones synchronized to peripheral parts are | |utilized and connect with computers to achieve current communication with medical...

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