Picture yourself a community without the lifestyle of the expression technology? How can that globe look like? For me personally it's a community without evolution and creativity, a place where everyone is sealed minded. Like the cavemen where we was previously in the Stone age, but this time definitely.

Technology is definitely something extremely important for our society and mankind. It provides us hopes and dreams to reach out intended for. Furthermore, it improves existence by making this more easier and better. For example , take a look around you, the watch, the laptop computer, the TV and the chair. Almost everything the truth is is the program technology and still have you ever truly imagined you existence without these stuff? An excellent tips is by sitting on the stone an hour in the hardwoods without taking anything along. After that you will definitely realize how important technology really is.

Personally, technology is a thing I really appreciate and I have been a dreaming about creating a new-technology myself. A Time-machine or perhaps something ridiculous that will transform this world, in a positive method of course. Nevertheless , a technology is not necessarily something positive. Clearly, guns and bombs that is used intended for war and hurting other folks.

So can we live without technologies? If the technology prevents to advances or boosts, the time will even stops. We will lose each of our creativity and everything we create or perhaps produce look the same. On the other hand that will don't happen, mainly because we human beings are curios creature. We all like to explore things and make items easier for people. Consequently, it keeps the technology in track and go forwards.

To summarize, technology is some thing important for us and our world. We can survive without it but the universe would not be as fun and easy while today. And some evil persons use technology in bad techniques like starting wars. Technology can still be applied to stop wars and hook up people by simply helping each other. For example the internet which keeps us in touch with one another even though we could miles aside.