Lecture several

1) Initial tutorial, Singapore in American Eyes – reading to get done Lewis Sesses " A Land of Contradictions, ” Fresh Yorker, By 13, 1992

Sustaining a global City

1) Natural Resources:

Water tensions among Singapore and Malaysia (1961-2011/1962-2061 agreements) Used in every industrial process, drinking/cleaning -> shortage of water is known as a big menace Singapore's 4-tap strategy by simply 2060

2) Southeast Asia like a " region”

India and China while bookends, what lay in the middle is SEA

A mixture of cultures (Sino-Indic)

Distinctive as a " region”: It changed from just being Sino-Indic mixes to their own tradition – adaptable, not just a passive recipient It really is diverse with regards to food, agriculture, lifestyle yet distinctively not the same as their " parent” countries of China/India Zone of movement/trade place

Decolonization -> a region in turmoil divided by differences in ideologies/political reasons YET that they still type up as a region of countries (ASEAN) Singapore's expulsion from Malaya 1965 -> Malaysia's press for a great ethnic nationalism of Malays as the primary citizens, Singapore did not reveal that vision but instead wanted civic nationalism of equal nationality. It was not really expected, no person thought Singapore could endure without Malaysia

3) Regionalism in a Global Context

Manila Pact -> regional corporation to consist of communism, 1954. ASEAN countries that were colonized before like Thailand, this is certainly their initial foray to be part of anything together with countries like UK, Aussie Bandung Conference 1955 -> Nascent 3rd world

ASEAN beginning members 1967 – Philippines, Malaysia, Israel, Singapore and Thailand Primarily looked like an Anti-Communist pact, however Bali 1976 ASEAN Summit -> Treaty of amity and cooperation, region of peacefulness, freedom and neutrality (Not part of the US system as an association, but individually close allies towards the US), elemental weapons totally free zone Is ASEAN merely symbolic? Independently close allies to ALL OF US...