Research on Fast Food Restaurants

 Research on Fast Food Eating places Essay

Research topics in business and Management


1 . A comparison study in application of marketing through mobile phone framework between various types of products and solutions 2 . Industry entry approach in an emerging market using Country of Origin info 3. Impact of brand awareness on consumer/brand loyalty: A study of deals milk brands 4. Qualities of buyer loyalty: effect of brand graphic or item characteristics/attributes – A study of packaged milk brands five. Effect of self-placement of chronic buying items on their sales 6. Determinants of customer buying behavior through super stores in (country name) 7. Buyer response towards country of origin (experiment) comparison between higher participation and reduce involvement items 8. Romantic relationship between website attributes and customer satisfaction: A report of Ecommerce systems in (city name) 9. Consumer Delight in bank

15. To identify assistance quality gaps in bank sector: A comparative study of community and international banks eleven. Effects of work-related status upon women foodstuff buying and cooking patterns 12. Associated with employee cheerful on client satisfaction with the purchase in financial institutions and cellular industry of (country name) 13. Associated with gender upon family ordering decision

14. Effects of economic downturn on buyer buying behavior

15. Factors altering positive and negative recommendations in restaurant industry 18. The effect of brand image in consumer taste preference 18. The effect of recession upon promotional activities

18. The result of economic depression advertising

19. Factors effecting level of behavioral instinct buying

20. Associated with technology alter on data seeking behaviors of individuals twenty-one. Effects of item and buyer characteristics upon free sample trail/usage 22. Consumer response to unethical retailer patterns

3. Relationship among consumers inner usage procedures and awareness to interior advertising 24. Effects of client response to on hand promotion in brand graphic and purchase goal 25. Attitude of people in several roles to direct advertising 26. The impact of fake brands in consumers acknowledgement of initial brands 27. The effects of item, market and organizational attributes on market research practices twenty eight. A relative study of sellers and buyers in market acceptability of qualified software twenty nine. Affect of deceptive promoting on consumer loyalty in telecom sector 30. Factor affecting educationist/scientist response to obvious registration 23. Consumer awareness and usage of E-banking orders through cellphones 32. The effects of advertising research practices on the advertising overall performance of businesses 33. Influence of overall performance commitment on customer's analysis of item quality thirty four. Relationship between packaging characteristics and customer brand desire 35. Romance between advertising research, client knowledge and company revenue 36. Effect of product innovations and trial ability about new product usage 37. Romance between corporate image and mobile phone advertising 38. Space spacing competition: A comparison analysis of local and international company 39. Find the impact of opinion command on customer buying decision with respect to high and low involvement item categories forty. A consumer decision makingВ style in the auto industry of (country name) 41. Factors behind brand turning in the telecom industry forty two. Consumer order behavior in out-of-stock circumstances at retail outlets 43. Understanding consumer response towards sales promotion inside the fast food sector 44. Elements influencing customer satisfaction in medical care services forty five. Impact of congruity among self-concept and brand graphic on brand preference in the automobile market 46. The effect of brand expansion on brand personality

forty seven. The impact of personal involvement in store brand selection forty eight. A...



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