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 Pilgrimage of Grace Article

The Pilgrimage of Elegance

The Pilgrimage of Elegance of late 1536 and early 1537 refers to the popular revolt in the uk against Henry VIII. Henry VIII was breaking away from the Catholic Chapel and trying to start his own church, which induced an violent uprising of Roman Catholics, particularly in Northern Great britain. The protests were a result of the mold of monasteries, a policy that confused and angered almost all of England. The Reformation legal guidelines of Holly VIII was challenged simply by protesters who were trying to regain the Catholic ways in britain. The desired goals of these protesters were to restore the monasteries, have the pere as the supreme head of the House of worship, get rid of Jones Cromwell, and restore the tenant rights by an act of Parliament. The first of the uprising occurred in Lincolnshire in October 1536 and survived for only two weeks. Whilst it did not last for very long, it would threaten the king as it wasn't simply peasants and common people protesting, powerful hobereau were also included. Next was your uprising of Yorkshire and like Lincolnshire, the rise ? mutiny consisted of largely the common people, but likewise had noble in its rates. The only significant difference is that they were led by a competent leader, Robert Aske. With Aske as their leader, the rebellion propagate quickly and he began calling their activity the Pilgrimage of Sophistication. Aske wished the rebellion to maintain large standards and possess a strong effect of faith, which is evident in the pledge the marchers at You are able to were required to take that states those entering the Pilgrimage of Grace should do so only for the love of God and the Holy Catholic Church.

Jord believed Holly VIII as a decent gentleman, but a guy who was corrupted and affected by his advisors, specifically Thomas Cromwell. Aske published out a petition for the King to state the wants and needs of the rebels, which usually requested the pope as the head from the Church since before, the monasteries' properties and lands to be refurbished to these people, and to...



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