My Last Day At University

 My Previous Day At Institution Essay

My Last Day At School

The twelfth of February 1960, was my last day at institution. I was packed with mingled feelings of joy and sadness. I was content at the thought of freedom and preparatory holidays for full one month. I was sad with the thought of parting from my personal teachers, friends and Fouryear college.

We were asked to come to institution at two p. m. on that day. Each of the students of the 10th school were well-dressed. Everybody came out at his best. First of all, we were photographed. Then we had a sumptuous banquet. It was provided by the students of the IX class. All the instructors also were invited towards the feast. All of us enjoyed that most heartily.

The party was accompanied by songs and speeches. Inside their speeches, the boys manufactured a solemn promise to work hard and maintain up the marvelous traditions of the school. That they assured the teachers that they would never neglect their paternal love and kindness.

They said that they could always take pleasure in their university. They would anticipate to make just about every sacrifice to get the School. They would never whatever it takes unworthy of your gentleman. They would never defile the good name of the school. The parting tunes were incredibly touching. They moved me to tears. Then a boy of the 10th class read out an address towards the Headmaster.

The Headmaster flower amidst regards and provided a suitable reply to the addresses. All listened to him with rapt attention. There was a pin- drop silence. He " Males, make the best of time at your disposal. Be ready for the most severe and hope for the best. "

He exhorted the young boys to act, maneuver and respond in such a fashion that they could all proudly say, " Here are the jewels, listed below are our gems. " He wished us godspeed, the very best of luck and the best of success. He blessed us saying that success might enroll in our footsteps wherever we went.

His last terms were, " Go out since torch-bearers of sunshine and expertise. Go out to serve the, country and fellowmen. Assert yourself. Go ahead and God will assist you to. "

Sanskrit department with the school presented up a...



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