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Principles of promoting (MKT 101)

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21st Apr 2011

Kashifia Ahmed

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Subject matter: Submission of term daily news

Dear Madam,

With because of respect it can be our enjoyment to present the word paper permitted " Combine marketing communication” Procter & gamble of. While setting up the survey we have tried out our level best to target closely around the topic and tried to collect most complete and up-dated information available. We feel that it will provide a clear circumstance about Procter & chance. To prepare this kind of term daily news, we have given best hard work to accumulate necessary information.

We hope you understand the term conventional paper and we honestly regret for virtually any inconvenience found in this term paper and that we shall continually be available for any kind of explanation essential.

Yours truly,

Supria dabnath nitu

For rest of the group member

Division of Organization Administration

East West University


To begin with, we would like to thank Luminous, and then we wish to give exceptional thanks to our respective faculty Kashia Ahmad for giving us the opportunity to prepare the report about such a company's Integrate marketing communication. As the performance, we now have chosen Procter & wager which is one of the biggest consumer merchandise producers with a big business and we prepare this statement based on info, information as well as the format that is given by our teacher. Throughout the report preparation, we have discovered how to prepare a report, how to work within a group. We now have acquired exclusive knowledge believed practical experience and it will help us in future to prepare other term paper. In the long run we have completed our best.

Yours really,

Name| Personal unsecured

Supria Debnath|

Tanzila hossain|

Mithila islam tisha|

Masuda Mustari|

Kazi Lubaba Islam|

Ad in Magazine

Figure: Newspaper advertisement of P& G (brand- Mind & shoulder)

* The Communication Procedure for P& G through Magazine


Conserve 5Вў when one buys 1(any size)

P& G (brand: Head & Shoulder

People get known about the price cut

All women's and in a number of.


Only for some certain product and users



2. Sander: P& G (brand- Head & shoulder)

5. Encoding: Words

* Meaning: Save 5Вў when you buy 1(any size)

2. Media: Paper

* Decoding: People get known about the price cut by newspapers coupon. 5. Receiver: Most women's and men's.

2. Response: Positive

* Noises: Only for several specific merchandise and users.

* Powerful marketing conversation of P& G through newspaper

* Determining the target target audience: In this advertisement Procter & gamble focuses on educated gents and can certainly. Like College students, service holders. * Developing the therapeutic massage: Head & shoulder gives discount by simply coupon in promoting their sales. * Message content: This advertisement displays the logical appeal for the target market by offering some rewards through low cost. * Meaning structure: The message draws a certain summary rather giving it to the audience. The strongest discussion is on the first and it reveals one on the sides argument. 2. Message formatting: as it is a newspaper advertisement the message formats are color, headers, copy, model etc . 2. Choosing mass media: In this advertisements Procter & gamble uses non personal communication stations through newspapers....