Riza De Asis

Jenn Kepka

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May 18, 2013.

Town or Area?

" Riza, we are planning to move to Kuala Lumpur. ”

The moment my mom said that, my eyes incredibly received bigger and i also made slightly protest, " What? Simply no! I want to stay here. I like this place. ” " Then, how about your dad's work? You understand your father is working there, ” my mom added. I argued, " Well, what about my own schooling here? ”

Then the girl said, " We must move one to another institution. ” " No, I don't want to! ” At the time, I didn't let my mother have to be able to change my mind. The whole family was frustrated understanding what was the best for all of us. Personally, living in a town called Pasir Gudang feels like everything is certainly going right. Then again, since my father started doing work in Kuala Lumpur, everything seems out of order. There is a considerable issue between my own father's function and my schooling. This will likely be a hard decision to create since both places are extremely different and also have their own pros and cons. Let me get started with the environment of the two places. To start with, Pasir Gudang is an all-time comfy town, which is wherever I was created. As of 2010, the total human population is approximately 46, 571 (" Jumlah Masyarakat Mengikut Kumpulan Etnik” 12). This means there exists less air pollution; plus the environment is less crowded and clean, though you can still find factories that cause air pollution. Not only that, Pasir Gudang is a perfect place for a lot of anti-stress people. There are hardly ever hectic days and nights, and there is no requirement to worry about the traffic with this town. Everyone takes that nice and slow. Moreover, this town folks are incredibly friendly and helpful, and they sometimes allow you to brighten your day by just cheerful. For example when there is a wedding wedding, everyone in the neighborhood gathers to help prepare for the ceremony by cooking, organizing furniture, and even cleaning the dishes.

By comparison, Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, and this city is more or perhaps less three hundred and fifty kilometers far from my...

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