Jetstar Research

 Jetstar Examination Essay

Individual Part of the Situation Analysis

Prepared by: Mack Girardello, Andre Lopez, Dale McGee & Alex Grimble

Tute: Thurs night 5pm, Instructor: Boris Kolar

Table of Contents

Stand of Contents2

1 . Introduction3

1 . 1 Australian Domestic Airline Business by Capacity3 1 . 2 2011 Earnings and Profits before Curiosity and Tax4

2 . Industry Tree5

three or more. Macro Environment Analysis6

a few. 1 Desk of Macro Environmental Factors6

4. Segmentation

4. 1 Table8

a few. Perceptual Map10

5. one particular Aviation Perceptual Map10

6. SWOT Analysis12

7. References13

1 . Intro

Founded in 2004, Jetstar is now deemed a key organization unit of the Qantas Group's portfolio technique. Since its creation, the airline has established itself as being a major person in the Australian leisure and value structured markets, whilst also contending in New Zealand as well as the Asia-Pacific region. The business began under the guidance of starting CEO Generic Buchanon due to increased competition in the Aussie Domestic low-fare market- resultant of the emergence of start-up carrier, Virgin mobile Blue (now Virgin Australia). Since 2004, Jetstar Group and Virgin Quotes have been competitive for market share in the household market, containing created competition for all Australians. The competitive landscape is made up primarily of your duopoly among Jetstar and Virgin Quotes, who is regarded as Jetstar's primary competitor, and various other domestic air carriers such as Tiger Airways, Rex, Sky Western and the just lately defunct Strategic Air.

1 . 1 Australian Domestic Aircarrier Market Share by simply Capacity



The Jetstar Group has expanded by 400 workers in 2004 to a lot more than 7, 1000 staff across the Asia Pacific cycles. Collectively the Jetstar Group offers approximately 3, 500 flights weekly to 56 destinations in 17 countries and territories across the Asia Pacific location with a fleet of 79. Nationwide, Jetstar lures their passengers to 18 domestic places (Jetstar, 2012).

2011 presented a demanding year to get the air travel industry because of uncertain economic conditions, larger jet gas prices, normal disasters, navy safety and industrial action.

Low cost transporter Tiger Breathing passages reported a $7. one particular million reduction in the Australian market because of maintenance issues with their Aussie fleet, that has been temporarily grounded due to safety issues (Creedy, 2011).

In This summer 2011 uncertainness emerged about the future of the airline in the Australian domestic market as a result of grounding of Tigers eight A320's. Gambling Airway's stocks and shares plummeted simply by 16 percent while Virgin Blue Holdings and Qantas gained significant ground. Analysts predicted a lift for Tiger Australia's rivals as they go on to fill the void should the airline flip and its general domestic business of about 5 per cent as well available (Creedy, 2011).

Virgin Airways reported a $94. 8 million damage. The bottom-line result included $36 million in unrealised foreign exchange losses attributed to a better Australian dollar, a $50million dollar loss due the Queensland massive amounts and cyclone, coupled with $75million loss through the New Zealand earthquakes (O'Sullivan, 2011).

Inside the 2011 economical year Jetstar successfully increased its competitive position revealing an increase in actual profits from $131 mil to $169 million, an increase of 30 per cent resultant from significant increases in revenue this season (Qantas 2012). Jetstar likewise took delivery of 10 A320-200's and two A330-200's, increasing capacity, allowing the airline to grasp further revenue growth.

1 . 2 2011 Revenue and Earnings just before Interest and Tax

| | |Airline |Revenue ($M) |EBIT ($M) | |Jetstar...

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