Five Cultural Insurances and One Housing Fund

 Five Social Insurances and One Housing Fund Dissertation

Five Social Insurances and One particular Housing Fund

Table of Content

Section 1: Launch 3

Section 2: Successful of Shanghai in " Five cultural insurances a single housing fund" 4

Chapter 3: Effects on Workplace 5

Phase 4: Effects on Employee 6

Part 5: Safeguards of Human Resources Management 7

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" Five social insurances and 1 housing fund" was established below Labor Work Chapter 9 Article 73. It is utilized to serve the reason on keeping social balance by safeguarding employee's benefits.

" Five social insurances" included diathesis insurance, health care insurance, unemployment insurance, employment damage insurance and maternity insurance. " 1 f und" is reported h ousing p rovident f ebenso. Endowment, u nemployment, and medical insurance will be paid simply by employee as well as the employer jointly whereas maternity and work injury insurance only paid out by company.

However , the five insurance is statutory under Labor Law whilst h ousing provident finance doesn't. Every province has its rate dependents on the economical development demands and other sociable factors. Recently, Shanghai provides the highest insurance payment charge among China.

Calculation upon monthly insurance and housing provident account payment in Shanghai

Monthly payment of insurance and real estate provident pay for

= Specific income before tax per month* Г— payment percentage

*Equal to average salary per month in last economic year times 60% -- 300%

Normal salary a month in 2012 can be (RMB) 4692, therefore

Minimum and optimum range (RMB) = 4629*0. 6 -- 4692*300

sama dengan 2815 - 14067

Consequently , individual is required to pay for insurance in accordance to the subsequent table:

Shanghai in china Standard Repayment of Sociable Insurance and Provident Pay for 2013/14




Electronic ndowment Insurance



Health care insurance



Lack of employment Insurance

1 . seven percent


Expectant mothers Insurance

0. 8%

Employment Injury Insurance

zero. 5%

Housing Provident Fund



*Noted that for those who are acquiring unemployment insurance, they do not have to pay for Medical care insurance


Physique 1

In accordance to figure 1, it demonstrated that the pay ratio of Shanghai enterprise was more than Beijing and Guangzhou even though the ratio for those were precisely the same. The reason with the high ratio fee is usually to protect the worker's profits, so that the personnel would not have to pay half of their particular income to get insurance payment. Therefore , the living specifications for the workers would imagination average.

From this few years, the development of other cities in China was being quickly and the insurance package was attractive to workers. So there is a competitive existed between Shanghai plus the developing towns. The Shanghai enterprise wished to retain their very own workers in which to stay Shanghai intended for work and keep the quality and quantity of the company. Therefore , the standard for the proportion pay of enterprise can be higher than others. Once a worker reach the retire grow older, the staff member will be eligible for receive the insurance premium. This kind of policy would be one of the strategies to attract and retain the community worker to work.

Alternatively, as the housing provident fund had not been a legal repayment in the Labor Act. And so the percentage for both enterprise and individuals in Shanghai in china was the same, 7% every single. In the view of HUMAN RESOURCES, the cost to get the organization would be decrease and the extreme pressure will be less. And then for the individual, they might save the money to buy a house.

Lastly, Shanghai in china has done an excellent job in the " five insurance and housing fund" than other metropolitan areas like Guangzhou. Although the organization need pay much more than other towns, the workers would take the best benefits and be more dedicated to the business.


The social insurance system provides implemented for several years,...



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