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November 5, 2014

ECCE 1112

Science Lesson Plan

Identity of Activity: The M& M Experiment

Grade Level: Pre-school

Type of Activity: Small Group

Curriculum Area: Technology Theme: FamilyLesson Plan # 4

CCGPS Standard- SKL2. e: Know that you are similar and different from other students. 1 . Given numerous colored M& M's minimize in half, the child will recognize that like M& M's, people might look different on the outside but inside they are the same, at an age appropriate level. CCGPS Standard- SKCS4. a: Use a model- such as a plaything or picture- to describe a feature of a principal thing. installment payments on your Given images of people with various skin colors the child using the sense of sight will certainly describe right after in their physical features towards the satisfaction with the teacher. Elements:

Tote of M& M's


Pictures of people with various epidermis colors

Cartel Board



1 ) Hook:

Educator enters the small group establishing holding images of people with assorted skin shades. 2 . Developmental activity:

The teacher then simply ask the kids " for what reason do individuals have different color skin? ” The children will probably be expected to reply with various answers: " since they are different”

" because we were born that way”

" because of their family”

" mainly because that's the way God made us”

The teacher will likely then respond by providing the students history on so why people are styles and then trying to explain to them that although were different colors that does not make us different, were still a similar on the inside. The teacher will pour M& M's upon the stand.

The teacher will then ask the kids to observe the M& M's to verify if there are any kind of differences together. The little one's expected response " they all are different colors” " one is red, the first is blue, you are brown, the first is green and one is orange. ” The teacher will respond " yes, that is right! ” and explain " that like the pictures, the M& M's can be found in different colors also. ” The teacher can ask the youngsters " In the event the M& M's are different on the outside, what do you believe they look just like on the inside? Draught beer all different on the inside, or are they will the same? ” Using the data learned through the pictures the students will make a prediction. The teacher will write down every single student's prediction. From the college students prediction we can create a speculation.

After the students have given all their predictions plus the hypothesis has been made your children will check to see if their very own hypothesis is correct. The teacher will test out the speculation by trimming a variety of coloured M& Ms in half therefore the children can easily see the internal parts of each color. For info the tutor will then require a picture with the M& M's before they can be cut and then again after they will be cut. Via testing and collecting info through photos, depending on the kid's prediction, they will be able to conclude whether or not all their prediction, speculation, was accurate. The teacher will then consult with the children how people and M& M's might look different externally, but inside we are all a similar. The children will then share and discuss with other folks what they learned. The tutor will then question if any of students have got any inquiries regarding the test. Once your concerns have been responded the children will certainly gather to the carpet to get large group. 3. The Assessment:

The teacher will write down each children's estimations on a chart. The teacher will observe the children at each task.

Applying anecdotal notes the tutor will jot down similarities and differences your child may recognize between themselves and the pictures. 4. Concluding Activity:

With the large group setting the teacher provides the pictures of men and women with various pores and skin colors. The teacher will likely then again ask the students " why perform people have several color skin area? ” Every child is going to respond individually.

Transition: As soon as the child has responded they are going to head to the sink to wash their...