Does Reddish Lipstick Seriously Attract Males

 Essay about Does Crimson Lipstick Seriously Attract Guys

Foreign Journal of Psychological Studies

Vol. 5, No . 2; June 2012

Does Red Lipstick Actually Attract Men? An Evaluation within a Bar Nicolas Guéguen1

one particular

Business office, Université de Bretagne-Sud, Vannes, France

Communication: Nicolas Guéguen, IMABS, Université de Bretagne-Sud, rue entre ma loi, Vannes, 5600, Italy. Tel: 33-297-012-663. E-mail: Nicolas. [email protected] fr

Received: Feb . 22, 2012

doi: 12. 5539/ijps. v4n2p206

Accepted: Apr 9, 2012

Published: 06 1, 2012



Previous research has indicated that the color crimson increases the elegance of women. It includes also been located that cosmetic increases recognized women' charm for men and was associated with perceived increased interest intended for the opposite sexual. We hypothesized that women putting on red lipstick would be more favorably acknowledged by guys. Female confederates wearing reddish, pink, brownish and no lipstick were sitting down in bars on Wednesday and Saturday nights within a popular just right the West Atlantic seacoast of Italy. Each trial and error session survived one hour. The quantity of men's marketing and the business lead time of the first application were used as based mostly variables. Outcomes showed the red lip stick condition was associated with a higher number of man solicitations and a short lead time between the introduction of the confederates in the club and the 1st courtship solicitation of a guy.

Keywords: reddish colored, lips, make-up, attractiveness

1 . Introducation

The literature analyzing the position of cosmetics in social perception finds that, total, makeup can be associated with a good evaluation of a woman (Graham & Jouhar, 1981; Funds, Dawson, Davis, Bowen, & Galumbeck, 1989; Mulhern, Fieldman, Hussey, Lévêque, & Pineau, 2003; Nash, Fieldman, Hussey, Lévêque, & Pineau, 2006; Richetin, Huguet, & Croiset, 2007). Men's positive perceptions of the physical and sex attractiveness of girls wearing makeup were also noticed. Cox and Glick (1986) found that cosmetics had been positively connected with femininity and sexiness although Workman and Johnson (1991) observed that women's cosmetic makeup products significantly enhanced the impression of attractiveness and femininity. Recent research found that men's behavior was as well affected by could cosmetics. Guéguen (2008) discovered that woman confederates in bars had been more frequently plus more promptly got into contact with by males when putting on cosmetics. John, Guéguen, Boulbry, and Ardicioni (2009) located that men customers, although not female buyers, in a cafe gave even more tips to waitresses wearing makeup.

These previous studies apparently show that ladies with cosmetic makeup be a little more attractive for a man. It could end up being interesting to test if constraining the use of cosmetics to specific areas of the facial skin exerts a similar attractiveness effect. Mulhern, Fieldman, Hussey, Lévêque, and Pineau (2003) discovered that encounters of women putting on full make-up were judged to be more desirable than the same faces with no makeup, but in reality found that eye makeup by itself yielded bigger levels of suggest attractiveness scores than base makeup only. One aspect which has received tiny attention is usually lipstick and particularly the colour of the lip area. Across ethnicities and period, it had been located that red lips are considered attractive in women (Schaffer, 2007) and it has been found that women wearing red clothes are perceived simply by men to be more attractive and sexually appealing (Elliot & Niesta, 2008). Further studies showed that men look for more cultural contact with or display even more sexual interest in women using red outfits (Niesta-Kayser, Elliot, & Feltman, 2010; Guéguen, in press). In a latest study, Sophie and McKeegan (2010) discovered that individuals increase lips redness compare to enhance the femininity and attractiveness of girls faces while they reduced redness comparison to enhance the masculinity of men's deal with. Thus, offered the function of reddish colored in feminine...

References: Cash, T. F., Dawson, K., Davis, G., Bowen, M., & Galumbeck, C. (1989). Effects of makeup use within the

physical appeal and skin image of American college women

Personality and Cultural Psychology, 96, 1150-1164.

Graham, M

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