Central Africa Republic

Manova - Gounda St Floris National Area

SCI 230 Axia University

Jeanette Konesko

December 13, 2009


Manovo-Gounda St . Floris National Playground is a nationwide park and UNESCO World Heritage Web page located in the Central Photography equipment Republic prefecture Bamingui-Bangoran, near the Chad boundary. It was written to the set of World History Sites in 1988 as a result of the diversity of life present within that. The importance on this park comes from its wealth of flora and fauna. It is vast savannahs are residence to a wide variety of species. Notable species include black rhinoceroses, elephants, cheetahs, leopards, red-fronted gazelles, and buffalo, untamed dogs, whilst various types of waterfowl need to be found in the northern floodplains. But it can be under risk due to its exceptional wildlife about to die and animal's species getting wiped out. Individuals are working on breeding programs to revive the all-natural wildlife. (wikipedia. org) Found in the cardiovascular system of the African continent, the Central African Republic (CAR) encompasses a wide range of g?te, ranging from the dry Sahelian zone inside the north for the lush rainforests in the southern, and supports a wealthy diversity of fauna and flora. However the CAR's biodiversity is one of the least studied in Africa, a remarkable number of species have already been written about. For example , roughly 700 species of birds have been recorded in a vehicle. This region, located in the ultimate southwest of the country, mainly comprises thick forest. Forest covers only 6 percent of the region, but that forest contains


several, 600 plant species, 208 mammal types, and at least 350 chicken species, such as the recently learned endemic Sangha Forest robin the boy wonder (Stiphronis sanghensis). The Dzanga-Sangha area likewise features one of the highest documented densities of western lowland gorillas and forest elephants (Loxodonta africana cyclotis) in Africa. (worlwildlife. org) The interrelationship among the animals and humans is a fight. For hundreds of years, the animals and people of Africa co-existed in equilibrium. In the twentieth century, creatures faced rising pressure coming from a growing human population and its effects, from an environment destruction to spread of disease, to over hunting. The total amount was annoyed. In 1961, Photography equipment Wildlife Command Foundation, Incorporation. was founded at the height from the African Freedom movement to assist newly independent African countries and people save their own animals. Since then, this organization, right now called the African Animals Foundation (AWF), has performed a major function in ensuring the continued lifestyle of some of Africa's most rare and treasured types, including the elephant, the huge batch gorilla, the rhinoceros as well as the lion. (awf. org) The human intrusions threatening in the place are mainly poachers who hunt and kill the variety of species living in the Central Photography equipment Republic. For example; between 1979 and 1989, the around the world demand for off white caused hippo populations to decline to dangerously lower levels. During this time period, pouching supported by off white sales cut Africa's elefant population in half. Since they had been big goals


and carried the largest tusks, savannah elephants took the worst strike. But as soon as these elephants began to disappear, hunters came into the jungles in search of the elephants' more compact kin. In 1977, 1 ) 3 million elephants occupied Africa; by 1997, only 600, 000 remained. The Wildlife Preservation Society, always monitor and protect elephants. (PBS. org) Although the CAR is among the least developed countries of the world it includes made an impressive commitment to conservation simply by gazetting 12. 9 percent of their territory since protected areas. A total of 15 shielded areas have been gazetted (Blom and Yamindou, 2001) while an additional 1 . 0 percent has been gazetted as forest reserves, in hopes of sustainable production...

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