Causes of the General Hit, 1926

Long-term Problems (Pre-1914)

Conditions pertaining to miners

2. Mining was notoriously hazardous due to the presence of gas and accidental cave-ins * Miners suffered poor health due to coal… ‘Black Lung' (Pneumosilicosis). State of mining industry

2. The majority of puits were older or small , the fossil fuel was still becoming cut by hand. * Control was fragmented with small investment via companies. Unionised workforce

2. One in five of all men workers had been coal miners-one of the most significant workforces. * Miners' unions had existed since the 1840's. In 1889 the Miners' Federation was created and became one of many strongest unions. * That joined with Transfer and Railwaymen to form the Triple Connections before WWI. The unions promised sympathetic strike action in support of one another.

Medium Term Challenges (1919-1924)

Authorities action

2. 1921, Mines returned to original exclusive owners following wartime nationalisation. At the beginning of the year of 1924 miners, dockers and train workers discussed a pay out settlement with government, on the other hand soon after Uk coal was needed once again. Decline in Coat exports

5. From 1919 exports dropped due to overseas competition. 1913 exports totalled 94 million tons in 1921 this kind of had fallen to thirty eight million lots. * A recovery in 1923-4 due to the People from france occupation from the Ruhr was only temporary. The german language coal had been supplied to Italy and France as part of reparations. * Major British coal importers were obtaining less in 1925 than previously the conflict, except Belgium. Trade Union Ineffectiveness

* 1921, Owners called for wage cuts and return to community bargaining, miners refused and were locked out. 5. ‘Black Friday', 15th 04 1921, Three-way Alliance withdraws support pertaining to miners. 2. The lock out lasted until June and they were in that case forced to recognize wage cuts.

Short-term Challenges

Return to the Gold Common

* The spring, 1925 Chancellor of Exchequer Churchill place Britain about Gold...